What’s Happening at Mimi


National NAIDOC Week will be from 3 – 10 July 2016 and the Katherine NAIDOC Committee has organised, in partnership with Mimi Art & Craft and other organisations, in Katherine lots of events to celebrate and experience local Aboriginal culture. Mimi Arts will be holding our inaugural “Black Markets” cultural event on Thursday 7 July which will include many artists creating and selling their art directly to the buyer. The night will also include traditional dancing and you can have a taste of the Top End with Buffalo, Kangaroo and Croc Burgers along with many other tasty treats. Come along and see what Katherine has to offer!

This event is proudly supported by Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation, Banatjarl Stronbala Wimun’s Grup and Katherine NAIDOC Committee.



So here it is again our annual STOCKTAKE SALE! Come and grab yourself a bargain from the wide range of authentic Aboriginal Art from the Katherine region. Meet some of our wonderful artists and learn about the rich history of the area and what it has to offer.




Mimi Art & Craft will be attending the 2016 Barunga Festival from June 10 – 12 and will be holding our annual stall there, showcasing all our local artists beautiful works. Mimi staff will be available for you to come along and have a chat and to mostly talk to  our talented artists from some of the regions we represent and listen to them tell you about the artworks. All items on display will be for sale and all budgets will be catered for so if your a serious art collector or just want a small memento to remember the festival by, came along and see us and we will make sure there is something for everyone!

Check out the Barunga Festival website http://barungafestival.com.au/


Anglicare NT and Mimi Aboriginal Arts and Crafts conducted our first “Cultural Story Telling” session in the Mimi Arts garden on Tuesday 24 May. The Cultural Story Telling session offered all community members a safe and creative space to interact with local artists. A free morning tea was provided as part of this event and will be offered at each session.

At the “Cultural Story Telling” sessions, local artists will present their artworks and the cultural stories that the artwork depicts. There will be opportunities for community members and artists to create artworks and spend time sharing ideas and stories.

The sessions will run every Tuesday from 10.30am-12.30pm during school terms. Everyone is welcome to join in, including families and children.

Mimi Arts are excited to be hosting Cultural Story Telling at our premises at 6 Pearce Street. We are looking forward to being more actively involved with the wider community of the Katherine region through this joint activity with Anglicare NT.

Our artists have amazing cultural stories and experiences to share with others. Come along and hear some stories and have a go at making some art.






Katherine Regional Arts is holding their annual

Junk Sculpture Challenge on Friday 27 May at 5:30pm

Mimi Arts grounds at 6 Pearce Street Katherine

Come along and look at all the brilliant sculptures and be sure to vote in the

People Choice Award


Update March 2016

Over the past 3 Months Mimi Art & Craft have been working hard to give our premises at 6 Pearce Street Katherine a much needed makeover both inside and out. Our staff have been tirelessly painting the galleries with a fresh coat of paint to give the interior a bright new look and to better enhance the beautiful artwork we have on offer.

Our yards, with the hard work of the grounds crew, is being transformed into an area we can use for future events and beautify the area we are situated in.

We have new stock in the store such as paintings, carvings, glassworks and boomerangs from local artists and have used many of their designs to order in customer favourites such as luggage, scarves and travel accessories.

Also on offer are music and DVD’s from many Indigenous artists from around Australia and with many local favourites as well.

Mimi will be promoting creative workshops and events over the next couple of months and invite locals and tourists alike to join in with activities that include basket weaving, painting, yidaki making, children’s storytelling at the Katherine Town Library and Mimi Art & Craft with members of the local Aboriginal community in local languages.

We are looking forward to a very bright future and being actively involved with not only the Aboriginal community but the wider community of the Katherine region as well.

Update: May 2015

This week Mimi had 20 Little Visitors escorted by three teachers from Macfarlane Primary School
in the gallery.

0013 (2) 0011 (2) 
The students were extremely excited to see all the different types of art we have in store and they enjoyed learning about how baskets, carvings, didgeridoos, clapsticks and boomerangs
are made.
005 (2) 004 (2) 006 (2) 007 (2)
They also had the chance to meet our staff at Mimi and one of our artists, John Dewar.
Everyone has enjoyed themselves and we had a lovely afternoon with our Little Visitors.


Update: 15/01/15

This is big story about Numbulwah way. Beautiful country. Saltwater country. Further out than Ngukkur and Costello. My father and mother took me there lot of time when I was young girl. It’s the sea. Biggest water and the freshwater spring water is running in to that salt water here. You can see them two spring water going across and down to the saltwater. Its called sea.You can see everything here. The sea eagle; the sea turtle and their eggs buried in the sand; flowers and rocks on the islands in the sea. You can see in the spring waters long neck turtle (tortoise) and short neck turtle (tortoise); nalefish and bream and that yellow snake that live along freshwater. Salt water animals everywhere down there, too. Crab and sea birds and everything. If you look you can see m-a-a-ny thing. I have family that live along Numbulwah, too. Lot family that side and Ngukkur. Urapunga too and Jilkminngann and up to Gapuwiak, and my husband country. My husband Djambo Burra Burra come from that way.

I love to paint my country. It make me very happy and make me keep remember my country and make me remember when I was a little girl and my family and all the good story and good time.

 Amy Johnson proud to tell her story about a recently sold painting.



Update 4/6/14: Mimi Arts has been a hive of activity lately with many new artworks being created right under our roof. We’ve had the pleasure of artists John Dewar, Margaret Duncan and Hazel Ponto regularly visiting Mimi to paint, weave, dye, carve and more. Here are some photos of what they’ve been up to…

Dyeing Pandanus