Our artwork is as diverse as the lands and people it represents. Proudly representing artists from the entire Katherine region, collecting artwork from an expansive 380,000 sq. km. The enormous Katherine region spans from the Tanami Desert in the west, up to the Western Australian Kimberley border, across to the saltwater coastlines and freshwater river country of Arnhem Land. We proudly display and stock the diverse styles and mediums Indigenous to these lands.

Mimi Aboriginal Art and Craft is a 100% Aboriginal community-owned not-for-profit art centre, visitors can often enjoy the experience of watching and chatting with artists while they paint and create at the centre. We take pride in providing a sustainable way for our artists to sell and an ethical way for our guests to purchase authentic Indigenous artwork.

At Mimi Aboriginal Art and Craft, our staff and community strive to fulfil our mission statement objectives:

    • to provide Indigenous artists with an equitable share of proceeds from sales
    • to reinvest surpluses in resourcing Regional artists
    • to deliver high quality, authentic product to the marketplace
    • to provide a supportive and respectful workplace environment for artists
    • to provide resources, training, and encouragement to emerging artists
    • to facilitate an interface between artists and the broader community
    • to maintain, reinvigorate and strengthen Indigenous culture through traditional and contemporary artistic expression
    • to preserve and protect rights of intellectual property, copyright, and cultural heritage