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Ron Manyita

Ron Manyita

Ron is a Rrak painter, wood sculptor, didgeridoo maker and painter and is very well known artist in the Katherine Region.

In 2018 Ron was awarded the Katherine Region NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islander Day of Commemoration) Artist of the Year.

Ron learnt to paint by watching his father and uncle’s paint. In traditional Aboriginal society, there is no separate group of men or women classed as artists by virtue of their occupation. All adults were expected to remember and to reproduce correctly the clan design appropriate to their level of ritual training and knowledge. This is still practiced today through storytelling and art. You find nowadays that not all men and women have that knowledge as it has not been passed down to them. Ron on the other hand, has learnt the rituals and stories, which he reproduces with the traditional designs taught to him.


Bulman : NT