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Lorna Fencer

Lorna Fencer

Lorna was born around 1920 in Yumurrpa country which is situated near the Granites in the Tanami Desert, in the Northern Territory.  Lorna lived at Lajamanu community and occasionally in Katherine.  Lorna passed away 7th December 2006. The Yarla (Yam) Dreaming track originates from this region and travels north toward Lajamanu.  Lorna was a senior Warlpiri (language/tribal law group) woman.

Whilst Lorna had “painted up” all her life, meaning that she was raised as a skilled painter of decorative body designs for ceremonies, her artworks on canvas only dates from 1986.  Lorna initiated her rise in the art  world by painting for the Warnayaka Art Centre, Northern Territory. In recent years, Lorna’s work has become increasingly extravagant, abstract and sensual, catching the attention of art collectors from around the world and giving rise to comparisons with the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye.


Lajamanu : NT