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Myra Herbert

Myra Herbert

The yapa people going hunting for all sort of things like getting different seed. They sit down and do grinding seed and also we put the stories on our body paint and we teach the young kids so they can follow on to pass it on as we pass away.

Has it today too, people going hunting and also they go camping out for three and two weeks. It is good for yapa people. These women they sitting down making seed damper. We also put the stories on how body paint we dance all night till day break and also we go to sleep for one or two hours. Sometimes they come back from hunting they bring the seeds back home. Next day they start playing around with the seed, they throw the bad ones and they keep the good seeds so they can make the seed damper on the coal. They share the seed damper and also we teach the children so they can follow they grandfathers and fathers step so we keep the stories alive.


Lajamanu : NT