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Dorothy Dullman Bienanwangu

Dorothy Dullman Bienanwangu

Dorothy is a Dhuwa lady of the Ngalbulanj family. She is a superb weaver and experiments with her techniques. She weaves full-time & makes regular bush trips into the river laden country of the Katherine region, to collect the Pandanus fibres & colours from specific vegetation. She is passionate about passing her knowledge onto to the younger generations in her family. Her daughters & granddaughters regularly join her on her trips.

Dorothy’s weavings range in the vibrancy of colour, size, style and technique. She is an outstanding, imaginative weave artist & has had her works exhibited in many collections across the country and abroad. She is renowned for her Yawk Yawk (Mermaid), oversized baskets and her pulverised pandanus netting. Her work often incorporates a multitude textures & patterning, utilised from the pandanus plant. All of her work utilises traditional techniques through collection to creation & significant cultural significance or stories.

Kriol, Mayali

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