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Bill Harney Yidumduma

Bill Harney Yidumduma

Bill Harney (born c. 1931) has an encyclopaedic mind and a wealth of information that he will share with those who have gained the right to receive that knowledge. Bill managed to avoid removal from his homelands during the 1940s and 1950s when several Wardaman children were taken away by government order. Bill worked as a stockman on Vestey stations from the age of 12 years. His education has always been a bush one, although he lived in the township of Katherine for 20 years from 1974. He established a business as a tour operator, artist and supplier of didjeridus, all of which helped to support his extended family of some 60 dependants. He won land rights for his people so that in 1999 they returned to the cattle station at ‘Menngen’, formerly Innesvale Station. Today, Wardaman Aboriginal Corporation, with Bill Harney as the chairman, runs this cattle station and business.

Wardaman, Kriol

Menngen : NT