PC 2011 001

PC 2011 001 – The Two Sisters


Artist: Margaret Duncan

Title: PC 2011 001 – The Two Sisters

Size: 79 x 111

Price: AU $1980

Product Description

Long time ago two sisters went hunting with their dogs. They went a long way looking for bush tucker. The dogs found lots of goanna. There was a man following them, one of the sister said to the other one, “There’s someone behind following us, we can’t make it back to the camp.” So they made a humpy near the billabong. There were lots of water lilies in the billabong. One of the sister went into water to get water lilies while the other one was watching out; she was also making fire and cooking the goanna. After, when they finish eating, one of the sister said, “We’ll sit outside for a while, then when it’s nightfall we’ll go inside the humpy, but we must not go to sleep.

The sun went down and it was getting dark, the sisters went inside the humpy, “You go and sit at the other end and I’ll sit in the front.” The dogs were all tired. Finally, they heard him coming toward them; he came in the front where the big sister was sitting. As he was ready to put his head in, the big sister lift up her stone axe and hit him in the head. He fell down dead. The dogs was also biting him on his legs. The two sisters got their things and walk all night through the dark. They were very scared that he might come back to life and come after them, but nothing, he was dead.

As they walk through the dark they could hear his spirit sing out to them. They were nearly home when the big sister felt that the spirit had got hold of her two legs. She couldn’t hardly walk, she said to her sister, “You go and get help.” It wasn’t far away that she could hear peoples calling out, it was almost morning. She told them what happen; couple peoples got together with one witch doctor, they walked till they found her laying down. She was very weak and tired, the witch doctor saw that dead man spirit. He got ironwood leaf, they made the fire and smoke her, then she got up and everybody went home.


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