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Veronica Perrurle Dobson is a widely respected Arrernte elder and noted translator, interpreter and teacher of the Arrernte language. She has drawn on her own cultural knowledge and that of other elders and senior healers in the Arrernte community around Mparntwe (Alice Springs) in Central Australia to prepare this absorbing reference work.

Arelhe-kenhe Merrethene shows the intricate interconnection of Land, spirit and healing that forms part of the tradition of the Arrernte people, through the work of the Angangkere, the healers. “Before you become a traditional healer you go through the Law…and through the Land that the Dreaming of the healing power comes from, to your Altyerre Aknganentye or totem and country.”

Starting with the spiritual and cultural basis of Arrernte healing, Veronica explains the source of the Angangkeres‘ healing powers and their use of singing and touch. Then follows a comprehensive list of plants, insects and other methods used in traditional healing, with explanations and comprehensive illustrations of how the remedies are prepared.


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