Mimi is an Aboriginal owned and operated not-for-profit art centre. More than fifty per cent of sales are returned to the artists, with the remaining proceeds going towards running the art centre and providing customers with an ethical way to purchase Indigenous artwork. Visitors to Mimi can often enjoy the experience of artists painting at the centre.

Representing artists from the entire Katherine region, Mimi collects artwork from an expansive 380,000 sq km. The Katherine region spans from the Tanami Desert in the west up to the Kimberley’s and across to the saltwater.

Mimi Arts carries an excellent selection of books on Australian and Aboriginal history, art and issues and a delightful range of children’s titles, CD’s and DVD’s.

We also have a beautiful range of luggage items (designed by Catherine Manuell) and other local artist designs on items such as didgeridoos, Wooden Plates, Boomerangs, Bookmarks, Fabrics and Postcards.
Our main products are a vast range of paintings on canvas or paper in all different sizes from artists as far north as Gapuwiyak to Lajamanu in the south.

Mimi Arts encourages out-of-town visitors and locals to visit and enjoy viewing the significant difference in artworks between the Arnhem Land and the Tanami Desert styles.

There is also the naif (naive) art of the mission and school-influenced river style of the Southeast Arnhem communities and the unique style of Bill Harney’s rock art.

About the Name

Mimi is named after the Mimi Spirits. Mimi spirits are beings from the Dreamtime who are said to have taught Aborigines how to hunt and gather food; about country; and some song and dance. They still inhabit many places in Arnhem Land, living in rocks and caves, waterholes, trees etc. They are rarely seen, but can sometimes be heard calling in the night. Some Mimi Spirits are said to be dangerous, but many are not.