PC 0610 0081

PC 0610 0081 Budgerigar Dreaming


Artist: Peggy Rockman

Title: PC 0610 0081 Budgerigar Dreaming

Size: 124 x 95cm

Price: AU$3750

Product Description

This is the Ngatijerri bird. It is a little pretty one. It’s out there near Lajamanu, near Balgo, too – all over! You can see it coming into the waterholes in the Tanami desert.

Curator’s notes: The circular motifs in the centre of the painting represent the waterhole or soak to which the small birds (represented by the crosses) are flying across for a drink.  The path in which the birds have is evident through the directional lines heading straight to the waterhole. The dotted background represents the movement of the desert land and the little bird prints. Clear indication that Ngatijerri (Budgerigar) has been here.



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