Peggy Rockman

Peggy Rockman

Peggy Rockman is a Lajamanu elder who now makes her home in Katherine. She is a custodian of several stories and is an important ceremony and law woman in Warlpiri culture. Peggy learnt to paint from her mother and father and has been painting since she was a child. She speaks several Aboriginal languages and is reasonably fluent in English. She is co-author (with Lee Cataldi) of a book called “Yimikirli – Warlpiri Dreamings and Histories”.

Selected Exhibitions:

Paint Up Big – NGV: Araluen Art Centre: Haven Gallery – Melbourne:

William Mora Galleries-Melbourne: Gabriel Gallery – Melbourne:

Embassy of Australia – Washington USA:

Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia – Melbourne: Coo-ee Gallery – Sydney:

Tandanya – Adelaide.

Selected Collection: NGV – Melbourne.

Chosen for  NATSIAA 2007.