How to Purchase Art Work at Mimi

Mimi Arts is currently updating its website and will be unable to do any purchases online in this period but if you have found a piece you like, you can easily call Mimi Art & Craft to discuss other options for purchasing with one of our friendly staff.

We do recommend that you contact us to discuss the artwork, ask any questions you may have and perhaps get more detailed images sent to you so you can see the technique more clearly. It is also important that we discuss and understand your stretching, delivery, freight and insurance needs with you, so everything goes smoothly for you.

Authenticity Documents
Indigenous work needs full authentication due to a minority of unscrupulous persons in the industry. All our work is obtained through sources which can be trusted to oversee and ensure that the artist concerned completed the work in full on a voluntary basis and that the artist was fairly paid for the work. Our suppliers work closely and respectfully with the artists and see that their family and personal needs are met at all times.

Certificates of Authenticity and Bio’s may also be provided with the work of other (western) artists upon request. However, these works are usually signed and dated on the front and/or back by the artist.